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That was this summer. I had very long relationship and last year i got ridden of it. So I sex occasionally wit various girls till then. One night this September I was very very tired of everything. Job went finally better and some private investing also, but I had being working for 14 hours a day at time. It was About 1 am in the morning and was just went of from long shower and about to lay down on my bad.The voice from the other side of cell phone was very pleasant, some kind of baby talking voice. Voice said Annnn' what what do want from me now?...LOL.. i said who is this?. the sweet voice said Oh sorry wrong number, good night./
I was very curious, because, many people talk with me on cell phone, but this was unusual, OK OK i admitted the voice was very pleasant, so i wanted to call her again, cause i had the number in call list, and i wanted to listening to sweet voice little longer.So I called her, the voice had asked Who is it. I started story that i want to investigate who was calling and why? LOL, stupid..She said OK OK, if you wanna talk, talk, but don't bother too long and not bother any more. I said I m 33 years old , and i talked about myself and i said that i like her voice very much. And as conservation led on I released that she wasn't some teen or some stupid junk y teen girl, rather very smart and very polite lady.After 6 minutes we said bye to each other. Tomorrow i forgot everything. I did my usual things during a day.At evening about midnight and quarter the cell phone had rung again. That was she again ..Sarah..I said Good evening Sarah instead Hello...She prizes in laughing and said hi Alex.We were chatting about 3 hours.She was married 41 years old, librarian from San Diego, she joined to university research with the students, and after being on some kind of party she gave the number to some people and since then many students and colleagues had been calling her. She was married, she lived in same house, big house, with husband,daughter of 19 years, old granny and 2 cats.She was trying to get divorce for some time, but some money and mortgage problem made her to live still there time to time and sl**p in separate room. The daughter of her is on father's side and she was in some kind of despair.We talked 2 nights more and i suggested to meet her. She was afraid, because her husband have a lot of friends in university team project on which she were doing with students and she had a sense he was following her. Also her daughter wasn't on her side.She wouldn't allow him to get her money and house.But also she doesn't want be break by his will and story of happy life, she even lock her door at nights sometimes and that hurts him badly.

In da Gheto

The hobo had been hanging around the junction most of the day. Dubbed Squeek by his friends he had been living off the streets most of his adult life, earning a buck where he could. Handing out newspapers and washing windscreens for tips wasnt bad work but it was getting late into the afternoon. He was getting hungry and needed a meal and a bottle badly. Maybe even a dollar suck from one of the crack whores on his block. Rattling his change bag Squeek grinned to himself. Yeah. Another hour of this shit and he would head over to the soup kitchen on the corner of Brooksdale for a bite to eat. The roads were quiet anyway and business had dried up. The sound of a powerful engine approaching fast filled the air and he turned just in time to see a red sports car zip around the corner. Braking hard at the lights light trails of smoke came off the thick tires. Squeek whistled. It was a nice, new looking convertible but his attention was trained more on the occupant; a young white girl. She was in her late teens and extremely pretty, Britney Spears blasting over her radio as she chatted enthusiastically into a tiny, pink mobile phone. All but ignoring the watching black man as he picked up his bucket and wiper and walked towards the car.
She had long, dark hair that tumbled down her back and a fresh, sweet look about her. Cute Squeek thought. Even from outside the car it was obvious she had an athletic body. His horny eyes rolled down her slender neck and over her round, big tits, displayed in a tight red sweater. A selection of bangles hung around her slight wrist and a pair of designer sunglasses sat up on her forehead. She was dressed like she had money. Probably a rich daddy back home. Squeek was just about to dip his wiper when the cars horn blew. His mind had been wondering and the shock nearly gave him a heart attack.

Use and abuse me

OK, I've had this fantasy for a while and I still haven't lived it out yet :( ...
I'm on my back, tied to the headboard by my wrists - my legs are tied so they're up in the air. My arsehole is exposed and I have a ring gag in my mouth.

Babysitting. 01

When I was eighteen I thought that I was finally a grown up as much as any adult; I knew it all. I was smart, I was fully developed physically, as well as sexually( so I thought.) I had a slender body with long legs but my tits were large, C cup, I was taller than my mom, in fact I was the tallest girl in my graduation class at 5 8and 120#s. My name is Leslee, I know but thats how its spelled on my birth certificate; my granddads names were Lester and Lee, they wanted a boy and when I was born they thought that they could create a cute girls name and of course they all call me Lez. Pissed me off when I was old enough to find out lez was short for lesbian. To embarrass me, some of the k**s yelled, hey lez when strangers were around.
In one sense it was very naïve of me to think that I knew the ways of adults at eighteen. Sure, I giggled when one of the girls talked about sex and masturbating, didnt we all, as if we were all innocent of doing a naughty thing that we never talked about, and if asked we always lied about it. You got to be k**ding, Id never do that, Im not a slut, thats nasty. But every night my hands were between my legs as I humped them as I lie on my stomach until that great sensation took over and made me feel like I knew everything there was to know about sex; (again, so I thought). I slept well; I had so much more to learn about life; I wanted it all.

Steamy 3sum

Angel & Melanie were best friends growing up. They did everything
together. That's what she told him. He had been dating Angel for a few


i cant begin to tell u how horny i get when i need cock,ive been to extreme lengths just to feel a hot hard throbbing dick sliding up my ass,let me tell u
about a few of these lengths. On hundreds of occassions ive spent 3days solid(using speed to stay awake)fucking my ass with various different toys, usually ending with me waiting outside the nearest gay bar offering my ass to everyone as they leave untill some1 takes me home ,i really dont give a fuck about looks or age,so long as they have a hard cock for my hole.whenever they turned me down id always ask if they would let me suck their cock in the backstreet which plenty of guys agreed to. This one night i remember the most, i sucked the cocks of4 different guys(a couple n 2 single guys. Having already offered to let them fuck me i begged them to please let me suck their dicks,promising id swallow all their cum and that was all i wanted. So i followed the 1st guy into the alleyway and squatted infront of him ,unzipping his jeans and hungrily fishing out his tool and taking him into my mouth,feeling him growing harder every second. I reached into my own pants and slid 2 fingers up my lubed up asshole,fingering myself hard and fast untill he gasped and emptied his load into my mouth,holding my head so he cud thrust in and out. Thirstily i drank his sperm till he had nothing left and thanked him for letting me have it all,still with my fingers knuckle deep in my ass. I shouted to him to tell any1 else he knew that i was here waiting and would suck them too. leaning against the wall in the back street i continued fo finger my hole, still with the taste of fresh cum in my mouth. I was hungry for it now and was about to go back and ask some more guys when a couple walked round the corner,catching me with my fingers in my ass,with my pants now round my ankles.

Cindy was a single mother

[user]Cindy was a single working mother.
She had many ex-boyfriends who were either divorced or unmarried. Having gone out with them for the past few years only brought back the reasons why she never married any of them in the first place. Cindy felt it was all-hopeless; she would never be able to find the right guy suitable for her.

Babysitting. 02

That was pretty weak, Christy said, again pretending to be a boy; my date. Im surprised that you havent been ****d before, but Ill tell you this, I dont care what you want, Ill do whatever I want to do with you, and if you give me any trouble, youll wish that you hadnt. I think she really meant it even if she was pretending to be a guy date.
She was kissing and licking my body from my waist, to my tits, my neck and then locked onto my mouth; I was aroused more than I have ever been but at the same time, afraid.

Babysitting. 03

Thank you, Christy, but its getting very late and I think that I should be going home.
Dont be silly, Im going to show you how beautiful you are. Mom was not really d***k enough to be completely out of it, but she had the sense to know that she was saying things that were quiet personal and inappropriate because of her drinking.

Babysitting. 04

At the same time I was with a few of the girls from school and we were preparing one of my girlfriends parents house for our graduation party. Her parents were overseas on business and had given my friend , Claudia, an only c***d, permission to use the house, but not to have any alcohol or any sort of d**gs, and no boys. We promised to behave like ladies and they trusted us.
However, one of the girls, Jill, found the liquor cabinet and thought that it would be cute to make some punch and pour some vodka into it. Obviously we couldnt taste the vodka and in no time we were all feeling high; fortunately she didnt put enough into the punch to make us all d***k; there were six of us.

High School Threesome

Before I start my story I want everyone to know that my sex stories are 100% real. I dont use big words or try to make some fancy story. I give the details straight. With that said, here it goes...
Well this started back in high school. It was like my junior year and I was dating this sophmore. I played football and she was a cheerleader. Yeah sounds like the dream couple but not really. I think I dated her because her tits were a size 36DDD. Yeah that huge for high school. Anyway I had her wrapped around my finger. She would do anything I asked her to do. So I kept hinting to her about having a threesome. She knew this lesbian chick who always talked about messing around with her. So one day she called me and told me to come and pick her up. When i got her she told me directions to the lesbian girl's house. I picked the lesbian chick up but we had no where to have sex because my parents were home and so were both the girls. I use to live in some apartments back then and they had this self car wash place in the back of the neighborhood. I drove down to the carwash and we all got into my back seat. Not very comfortable because I have a small car. My ex-girlfriend told me to pull my dick out and she started to suck it. The lesbian girl kind of just sat there and watched and then finally said im a lesbian so you cant fuck me but you can touch and kiss me. So while my ex-girlfriend was sucking my dick i started to squeeze on her tits which werent really big. After a while of my ex sucking my dick i pulled her tits out and both me and the lesbian girl started to suck on them. I bent my ex over in the back seat and started to fuck her doggystyle while she made out with the lesbian girl. I ended up cumming inside of her (condom on). When i was done I told them i would pretend to wash my car so no one got suspicious and they could handle their business. I got out and sprayed the car down with water to make the windows harder to see in. I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be texting but i was really recording them in the car. If my cell phone didnt break the video would be on my profile.

First time Anal

Once again, my stories are 100% true. These are all past experiences that I have and have no problem sharing with everyone. Here goes my story....
There was this girl who went to school with me and lived in the next set of apartments behind mine that had a super crush on me. She was ugly though. Braces and a little bit of acne. She really didnt have a body. She would always come to my apartment and ask for me. I finally decided to be her friend but I tried to crush her hopes of dating me. Guess it didnt work. She still kept chasing after me so I figured I might as well use her for a quick blowjob when I get horny. One day after school I asked to come over to her house and she told me I could because her mom was gone. I came over and we talked and she tried to kiss me. I didnt do it and made up an excuse and said i dont want to kiss because it will make me horny. So she grabbed my dick. I asked her if she wanted to give me a blowjob and she said that she didnt give blowjobs. Then she told me that she was a virgin and didnt want to have sex. So I lost interest but she kept grabbing at my dick. I joked around and told her that if she didnt stop i would bend her over and screw her. She did it again so I joked around and bent her over the bed. I unbuckled her pants and she wriggled around a little but really didnt put up a fight. I pulled her pants down just to test her but she really didnt do much but playfully push me. I saw her ass so I automatically got a hard on. I pulled her panties down and pulled my pants down and stuck my dick in. She screamed in pain and was pulling on her sheets. I was only a rookie then so after screwing her hard for like 4 mins I pulled out and cummed on her ass. She got up and cleaned off and came back and told me to go home because I had just fucked her in the ass. I didnt know I did though. After I left her house that day she has never spoke to me again up til today.

Virgin College Girl

If you have been reading my stories, you know that I only tell 100% true stories. If you want a fantasy go read a book. Here goes my story.....
When I was a freshman in high school I went to prom with this senior. She went with a group of 12 girls and I was the only guy in the limo. I met one of her friends who went with us and the first thing i noticed was her tits. They were somewhere in the DDD range.She had on a dress that barely covered them but showed nothing but cleavage. She was kind of a big girl so she tits went with her body. I ended up breaking up with the senior but meeting her friend again my senior year when she was in college. I have a thing for big tits so I went after her. She ended up liking me and inviting me over one day because she said she wanted to talk. She talked about stuff she liked to do then asked me if i liked porn. she said she is a virgin but she likes watching it because she likes to see big dicks. So i felt it was my oppurtunity and asked if she wanted to give me a blowjob. She said yeah so I went to her room and she started to suck my dick. She kept on trying to deepthroat my dick and I could hear her choking on it. It felt real good. I couldnt take it anymore so I pulled a condom out and put it on and she knew what was going to happen. She spread her legs and took her shirt off. I fucked her on the floor and it was tight because of her being a virgin. I pulled out and leaned over her and cummed all over her tits. I dont think I ever cummed that much. She then did some porn star stuff and was rubbing the cum onto her tits and licking her fingers. I left and ever since then we havent talked.

Granny Surprise

I was searching for older woman on the net and found an attractive 62 year old lady but she said she didn't want to date youner men. I was 39 at the time but I was focused. I kept in touch with here and over time she finally agreed to meet me. We met at a diner to have lunch, she was wearing a black dress, her hair all gray and in a pony tail. She was 5 feet tall 95 pounds.
We talked for a while over lunch then I walked her to the car. She gave me a hug and held on for a minute or two. I kept my arms around her waist and looked down at her. I motioned my face towards hers and gave her a kiss.

Dropping loads in public

I have public masturbation pants. Yup, sweat pants with the pockets cut out, and a hole right between the legs. You see, if I squat down, my cock fits right through the hole. I can lay my hand on my leg and stroke the sweet spot, and it is virtually impossible for anyone to see it. I discovered, once my dick is through the hole, all I need to do is stand up and it tucks itself right back inside. Put on my masturbation pants, record some porn on the cell phone, put in an ear bud, and I can pull off some pretty amazing whack-off feats.
I dropped my first public load on the floor of Wal-Mart. I kept myself close to an orgasm for about two hours, suited up, and headed out. Its quite thrilling to be walking through the store, watching people, hearing a girl screaming for cocks in all her holes softly in my ear. I had scouted out my spot a week earlier. So I wandered to the air guns, and laid a bb gun in a box on my lap, upside down and acted like I was reading it. What I was really doing was twiddling my dicks sweet spot as it was hanging out the hole in my pants underneath the box. It was an amazing rush to feel the surge in my balls, and know I could blow some cum. Then as I made the decision to do it, time stood still. I could hear a woman laughing a few rows over, I saw a cart flash by the end of the aisle, I felt my cock bobbing up and down with each spurt that shot up the shaft and out onto the floor. It was an extremely intense orgasm that left a pile of goo right there on the floor. I couldnt believe I had done it. I reached down and stirred the puddle with my finger and then tasted it to be sure. I stood up rubbed the cum around with my feet, and headed out, wondering if the night shift waxing the floors would wonder what happened.

Babysitting. 05

My mom was sitting with her eyes wide open and seemed to be in an animated state. Between last night having sex with Christy, and now watching her sweet daughter being fucked with two other girls; lets face it I was in shock as well as mom.
Christy, mom finally said, You know, Leslee and I are very private people. I think that Leslee likes you very much, as I do; but you showing us this video while were both here is, well, embarrassing; dont you think? The funny thing was that mom didnt say anything about my bald pussy, not even when she saw me in the tub masturbating.

She Waits for No One

She rose from his bed on trembling legs and took a few shaky steps towards the bathroom. It was late afternoon and he'd left her in a highly aroused state, to the point where she was begging him, pleading with him to take her, use her, promising to do unspeakable things for him if he'd only give her the release her body craved. It was such sweet torture and her body ached with need, the need to please and be pleased, but he had something else in mind and left, closing the door behind him, leaving her alone for the remainder of the day.
She stood at the door leading into the bathroom and slides her palms across her full breasts, cupping and squeezing them, while her thumbs drew circles around her nipples. She felt them stiffen and continued to toy with her nipples, stretching them out painfully, rolling the taut flesh between thumb and forefinger. She let out a sigh, which ended in a soft groan and allowed her hands to travel down to her belly. She felt her belly draw in, so sensitive to the slightest caress, and moaned softly. Stepping out to the side, spreading her legs until they were about shoulder width apart, she smoothed her hands over softly curved hips to the crease of her thigh. She brushed fingertips across the mound of soft curly hairs, still damp from earlier that day, than grasped a few hairs between her fingers of her right hand and tugged sideways. The delicate petals of her sex pulled open, swollen and glistening, her womanly scent perfuming the air around her.

me and daddy

my most darkest fantasy starts with me and my dad (of course) going to one of those daddy/daughter dances in middle school... in my fantasies, i'm way younger... they play 'complicated' by Robin Thicke(my favorite song) and we start dancing. we get closer and closer until his hands are on my ass and i start kissing his neck... people start to look. wispering, pointing. we don't care. daddy puts his hands up my dress. i kiss him and roll my tongue around in his mouth... by then people are gasping and walking off the dancefloor. we still don't care. my dress is off and daddy's kissing my little nipples and down my belly. i look around and smile at all the people watching in horror as my father starts to lick my bald little pussy. i can't help but cum. he tells me it tastes good, i tell him i want to taste it. he kisses me and at the same time buries his dick all the way in my soaking wet pussy.... he tells me i'm a good little girl as he fucks me on the floor in front of the whole school............ wow, just writing it out makes me wett:)

Peter North's Best CUMSHOT.

I Think X-Hamster is A great site. It's funny that their are a couple of Peter North's gay vid's on her. And Great Video's of Peter North Cumming on lot's of lovely faces like Czech Republic Nikita Denise I think she's so Hot. But I personally think Peter North's greatest Cum Shot Came in a Flick called the Big Boob Boat Ride. His Awesome Cum Shot all over Bunny Bleu's face.
I hope Maybe someone might be able too get this one posted up. Peter North and some Guy called Johnny cum Lately both fuck Bunny Bleu,This is a Loretta sterling and Ed powers flick together. I have no clue as too why their was the Johnny cum lately. Peter North destroys Bunny's face with Sperm like their is no tomorrow.

Girls Night In.

When I go over to my best friends house, I always hope that somethings going to happen between us. We're always cuddling and hugging, and she's constantly touching me whenever she can. Not in naughty places though, although I wouldn't mind. We even have the odd shower together, in bathing suits. Although there was this one time that she poured the water down my back giving me shivers up my spine. Still, there was no kissing or sexual contact.
I'm not a lesbian, I guess I'm just bi-curious since I have such interest in her, it's unusual though - I don't feel this way about any of my other girlfriends. Don't get me wrong, I do have dirty conversations with them and tell them about my sexual experiences but it never arouses me when i talk about it with other females as much as it does with my best friend.

A beautiful, Korean girl. Enjoy x

I used to date a Korean girl who was in her twenties and still hadn't fucked a guy. She was really shy with her own body, but she was absolutely obsessed with making me come with her hands.
So, that's what she did, all the time, and it pissed me off. Now I watch porn and jerk off.

Unexpected enjoyable night

My wife is in her 30s, shes a very sexy lady, loves to dress up in sexy provocative clothing.
This all started with a webcam and has gone on from there, we used a webcam website to have some fun.

Just a fool for stockings!

I am just a typical pervert with my collection of fetishes. The biggest one being my attraction to stockings and thigh highs. I get an instant hard on and start to seep precum at just a glance of girls in stockings. Black and lacy are the best but all colors are fine. Even just a girl wearing black/shear hose will catch my attention in public. I love to fuck the wife when she wears them. I love to rub them as I am thrusting her and I really love to rub my face all up and down them...GRRRRRRRRRRR!
Ladies! No matter what your shape, your age, no matter what...if you put on a pair of stockings or thigh highs you will be gorgeous-sexy. I have to admit that a lot of the TV boys here on xhamster look really sexy with their dicks and stockings.

Mom teaches

My parents divorced when I was 10 over some drinking brawl assed thing. Dad drank a lot & when dad walked out he said, Ill see you again in divorce court. Mom started to cry un-controllably. Hell, I didnt know what to do. I took moms hand & tried to console her as best I could. She & I just sat there. I started to talk to her. I said, Mom Well make it. We will be alright
We will be fine mom, it will take some hard work but well be ok, besides I know dad drinks too much and never once did I hear him say so, he will always get violate when he was about to pass-out & you dont need that in a man. From now on I am your man. What do you think?

My father in law

It all started shortly after I was married in 1970 and I was just 19. I moved into house opposite my in laws. The father was a bit younger around 45 and was one for the ladies apparently. I noticed he was always trying to sneak a glance at me when i wasnt looking. It was at the height of fashion then for mini skirts and boots with tights.
One night i had arranged for night out with some old friends. I got dressed up in short silky blue dress with matching black silky bikini panties, bra, tan pantyhose and white PVC knee high boots. On the way out i bumped into my father in law (Tim) and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He insisted on taking me for a first drink at the local. The looks I got in there too were clear to see i looked good. Jim got me a double which i knocked back quickly for courage. As he bought me another i could feel him getting closer all the time. We sat down and he couldnt take his eyes off my legs. At that stage I was a litle flattered but insisted i had to move on. He asked where I was going and said he might see me later. I never gave it another thought as I headed off.

My sons friend

Being 36 and divorced wasnt much fun. Even though I kept my shape I didnt go out much. I was being messed around by a few fellas so I suppose my confidence took a knock too.
One friday night I had got all dressed up up ready to go out on a date with an old friend. I thought he might be after a bit of extra and didnt mind the attention. I started a bottle of wine and jumped into the bath. I hadnt had it for so long and played with myself to orgasm in the bath thinking about the night ahead. I got out and blow dryed my hair and decided what to wear. I put on my champange coloured silky bra, suspender belt and panties. As I finished my third glass of wine I then slid on my flesh stockings and silky short yellow dress. As I then applied my make up i heard my sixteen year old son come in downstairs. He shouted up that he brought an old friend back but that he was going out again soon. I put on my high heels and went downstairs.

Babysitting. 05

My mom was sitting with her eyes wide open and seemed to be in an animated state. Between last night having sex with Christy, and now watching her sweet daughter being fucked with two other girls; lets face it I was in shock as well as mom.
Christy, mom finally said, You know, Leslee and I are very private people. I think that Leslee likes you very much, as I do; but you showing us this video while were both here is, well, embarrassing; dont you think? The funny thing was that mom didnt say anything about my bald pussy, not even when she saw me in the tub masturbating.

Babysitting. 06

We, the girls and I, after having out little parties were going to have our big party tonight. Now you have to understand that we promised her parents that we would not have any boys or alcohol in the house, but like many promises that people make, they usually get broken and ours was no exception.
Other than our close group of eight, we invited another fifteen girls that were friends with the different girls during our years in high school. They were popular, pretty and enjoyed parties that we had during the past years and we all agreed to them being invited.

Emily's Christmas

Those of you who have been following my diary know that things haven't been going too well since I split up from my husband. I've had some good times and have learned a few things about life and love, but no guy has lasted more than a few weeks. So I was kind of dreading Christmas. I knew my younger s****r, Melody, was getting close with her new boyfriend as I've found cum stains on her knickers and t-shirts, and so I knew my s****r would be having a good time: in fact in the run up to Christmas they took to shagging like crazy every night in her bedroom, with me f***ed to listen to their every move thru the thin walls of our house. I've even been able to hear her juices as he has fingered her. It got so bad last week that I had to start using ear plugs to drown out their sexy talk and then the moans of joy.
Anyway, Lucy, my best friend, who works as a nurse at the big hospital here, invited me over for lunch on the big day. I didn't know who was going to be there, and, perhaps out of pity, she seated me next to this good-looking guy from her hospital. He told me he was a urologist, although I wasn't quite sure exactly what that was at first. I've always had these secret desires regarding the medical profession, and me and my husband used to play sexy games with me as a patient and he examining me - measuring my opening (before and after)with a tape measure, drawing it thru my legs to arouse me. And as we sat talking, the naughty thoughts of those days started flooding back into my mind. I wanted it for real with this man and, after a few drinks, started telling him all my sexual problems. Pressing my leg against his and then fingering between his legs to let him know what I really wanted. When he said he might be able to help me and that I should make an appointment, I felt every part of me becoming excited. I could feel my nipples rubbing against my bra, and I brought my knees together with the sheer thrill of it - I could feel I was wet already.


I'm a horny sexy tranny that loves to get assfucked. As you can see I have a big ass. I loves asses, pussies and dicks. I am a e****t, I date women and men. I dress very slutty in thing like short skirts, slutty shorts, tight jeans. I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, we stay together. I love to watch them fuck, we r so nasty , I like to lick her ass and pussy after he fucks her, his dick is so big, Ilove to lick his cum out of her ass and they both luv to play in my ass, after I cum home from my dates, they always tell me to bend over and let them smell that sweet smell of sex coming from my backdoor. My ass is so sexy, most of my dates bend me right over to taste my sex spot, that turns me on so much. Plus most people don't even care if someone big dick just came of my ass, they just be ready to taste it then stick there dick in. I always cum when dates eat my ass after I just been fucked, I always tell not to do that because I just had sex with my boyfriend and he busted his nut in my ass, they started licking it harder, thats when I try in shoot cum out of my ass because I am a cum slut.

I fucked my girlfriend in a hallway next to her pa

In my college days (a long time ago ... in the Bronx). My girlfriend Elise made me spend the evening with her parents, having dinner, and making small talk instead of humping in my car. She was about 5 foot 2 with big brown eyes and a face like Marie Osmond. Elise had suckable cone like tits and a really hot cunt with thick meaty lips. She was irresistible!! When it was time for me to go home she walked me to the hallyway which was just a door away from her parents living room. Her grandmothers apartment faced down the stairs to where we stood. As I kissed her goodnight as I slid my hands under her blouse and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes flashed, We can't ... they'll hear! Without missing a beat I backed her up onto the second step of the stairway. I removed my hands from her blouse and slid them up her skirt, along the back of her legs to her cute little ass. No panties! I smiled as she protested. I massaged her cheeks, her asshole and then her beautiful cunt. She was terrified her parents would find us. But Elise was also breathing harder, and getting delicious pussy juice all over my hands her thighs and her ass. As her protestations faded, I zipped open my fly and popped out my aching dick. She was so wet I slid right into her. Her parents watched TV as I pumped their supposedly virginal daughter just beyond their reach in the hallway. I was excited by the danger of being caught as Elise balanced herself on her toes squeezing me tight as she wispered, Please ... please .. oh please .... I clutched her ass and drove my dick in as far as I could. We heard a click upstairs, My grandmother, she gasped. But my lust had overcome my fear! I kept pounding her luscious pussy as we both came. I pulled out her, f***ed my still oozing dick into my pants, zipped up and I left her there on the stairs, dizzy, panting, wet and dripping. I never felt so alive. By the way. That click was just her grandmother locking up for night. She never opened the door that evening. Whew!!! Those were the days!!!


Being Naughty for Daddy,
H my name is Christy and I love telling stories, especially ones where my daddy and I are fucking the hell out of each other. Its just so happens that I have one of these naughty little tale that I wound love to share with you tonight.

Asian massage

Wow - I was bored and was checking the newspaper, there was an announcement of a new asian massage saloon opened in Vienna. I went there, and, as at that time of year it is very cold here in Europe, the nice lady at the reception warmed me up and offered some tea. I felt quite comfortable with her and asked her whether she will take care for the massage. Unfortunately, she said that she never does this type of job but a nice lady from Hongkong will take care for me.
I took a shower, laid down on the bed and one girl with nice tits but horrible face (and hair and body) came to make the massage. First I wanted to refuse her, but she did fine, hard massage (which I really like), good, no, perfect blow job and I had a great cum shot after some 20 minutes. The girl took a shower and I waited her to return, but instead of her, the girl from the reception entered and started to do the massage. Boys, you can believe me, she did it her first time and after some minutes I said it is better if I do a massage for her, but for this she has to take off her clothes - and I did a good one, you can believe me - I teached her quite a lot of how to treat my cock for coming again. Next time I will teach her how to treat a girl, together with me ;-)

Girls Night In: part 2.

My heart was pounding as I sat before her. I was still breathing faster than usual, due to the unusual yet exciting experience that I just had. I wondered to myself: should I start out slowly? or just go for it. I smiled as I begun; I'll finally get to experience something that I have always been curious about.
I slowly moved up towards her, kissing her pussy through her soft cotton shorts. I looked up at her as she was smiling back at me, still talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Boy, was she in for a surprise.

Speaking of Cougar....

I went to a local bar for a drink recently and had an interesting experience. While talking to the bartender I noticed this elderly lady at the end of the bar sipping and watching folks. Thinking nothing of it I continue you talking with the bartender. Soon a lady sat next to her and started talking. I happened to over hear their conversation and it was about who would they do ! in the bar. Now the one lady who sat down to talk was older as well but, extremely hot. She had my vote !! But the other lady exclaimed I don't want anybody OVER 49 ! And she was looking at me. Now grandma was at least 80. So my buddies were like Hey man she is checking you out No horny as I am ...I would rather leave it in a tissue than on grandma's chin ! So any way she gets up walks by me and gives me a pinch ! Wow, I said and smiled at granny. The bartender later told me that when she does that to someone she wants them to follow her to the bathroom for a good old fashion let me pull my teeth out blow job ! Needless to say , I couldn't complie to grand ma's wishes. Now her friend (60'ish) in a New York minute !!

Happy new Year

She is looking out in her kingdom and thinks that she needs to find some male and female that will cum to her beaconing. She is HORNY as heck and needs to feel that explosion that is inside her at this time.
She has the knights go out and look for 5 males different styles and race. Ages to range from 21 to 49 so they go search for them. They cum back and she is pleased w the knights and tell them to go do one more search for a couple of woman that will not mind to have 5 guys and her. They go search the kingdom, in the meantime, the Queen gives each of the males outfit which are maid outfit for 3 and chaps for 2 MMMMMMMMMM she is thinking. They cum with two nice women, one is big boobs and the other little and they had kitty shave. She put an outfit of a maid on the little one and put the chaps on the big boob one. The Queen was pleased with her people. The show must begin.

Found Sex Tapes

I had found some of my moms sex videos she had recorded while swinging with other guys. One was labelled at the hotel she I placed it into the video player and hit play.



The Holiday - Chapter 1

For our one year anniversary we decided to go to Belize. Our first year had certainly been anything but typical. Maintaining two households at first hadnt been exactly idyllic, although we had certainly made it work. Then my being gone for almost 7 months wasnt much fun either, although we had certainly become very adept at cybersex. The last few months though. Since we had finally moved in together. That had been amazing!
The long talks, no job being a chore, as long as we could do it together. The working, the playing, the f****y life, but most especially the sex. You sure couldnt tell that we werent 16 by the way that we acted.

Cum to my Beckoning.

Queen is out looking again for her people to make her cum hard again. So she decides to out herself, this is fun she thinks to herself. MMMM so many to look at. Lets see, ooo ill pick u cum here young man, yes u. He does and he is an average male, he said i have a older friend that is hot in my eyes he says, would u like to see, Sure says the Queen, the male whistles and the older friend cums out and he is dark and a specieman for the eyes, oooo she is feeling the heat in her body. Then a young woman cum up and says ooo may i join this, the Queen says as long as u know u will b taking care of me, she said oooo yes plz Queen.
So the Queen holds her hands upand says cum my little flock lets go and see what we can do? They get in the Castle, the Queen has asked them to take her gown off , get the tub rady, so they do. OOO she likes it hot and its steaming. She tells the young male to cum and wash her hard nipples, they older friend she says to him to wash her kitty, the young woman she says r u ready i would like u to wash me hair. OOO AAAA she is getting in to this. and she is kicking back and letting them do as they want to her and the young male is washing her as he does his cock is getting hard and he want to suckly her boobs like a baby so she lets him, she MOANs , they older friend is washing her kitty asn his cock is getting hard she says go ahead u can lick me clit. The girl is washing all of this and the Queen tell her to go to the young male and suck his cock. She is happy and the Queen fells her kitty, she is dripping so the Queen puts her finger in her kitty and circles arnd inside as she feels the girls is getting her fingers wet so the Queen pulls out and tastes it. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that was yummy sweet and MMMMMMMMMMMMMM...

The Lesbian's Girlfriend

100% true stories from me as you can tell from my other stories. Well here is goes....
This is a story of sweet revenge. Back in high school there was this one girl i had a super crush on. I tried dating her for like a year and it never worked out. She kept on rejecting me time after time. I finally found out that she was gay and was dating this other lesbian girl at my school. I was pissed because she led me on like she wanted to actually date me sometimes. So I ended up asking around and getting her girlfriend's phone number. I started texting her and after using some reverse psychology and telling her that she couldnt handle my dick, she fell for it and told me to come over one day. I came to her house and went upstairs to her room. She closed the door and told me to drop my pants so she could see my dick and see if it was really as big as i said it was. I dropped my pants and pulled out my dick. Her mouth kind of dropped and she said yeah it is big. Then next thing i knew she was rubbing my dick. She pulled me into the closet and and pulled her panties down and bent over. I tried to stick it in but we were at a weird angle from stepping on shoes, clothes, etc. I pulled her out the closet and took her shirt off and let her big fall right out. I layed her on the floor and lifted one leg up on my shoulder and I fucked her silly. The condom i had on broke so i pulled out and cummed across her stomach and tits. After that we had a couple of more hook ups at her house. Funny thing is that the girl i was chasing back in high school? She is now currently my fiancee. She still doesnt know that I fucked her lesbian girlfriend back in high school.

High School Whore

Another 100% true story coming from me. Hope that everyone has been enjoying them. Here it goes.....
Every school has one of them. The school whore. The girl that is seems like everyone in the school has gotten something from. We fortunately for me that school whore at my high school had a crush on me. She was not the prettiest girl at all. far from it. she had nice size tits, nothing big but a flat ass. She had braces and glasses. basically a nerd. She worked at one of the local store right next to where i lived at. Everytime i went into the store she would stare me down like i was a piece of meat or something. One day one of her friends came up to me and told me that she liked me. I tried to play it off but that same day the girl texted me. I ended up texting her for a while and played with her pride by telling her she couldnt handle me when it came to sex. I drove over to her house one late night and she got into my car. I drove over to a dark spot in her neighborhood just to talk. After a while of talking she told me that she was d***k and high. Then she told me she heard a rumor that i have a small dick. boy was she wrong. I pulled my dick out and rubbed it so it could get fully hard. She was so out of it i just pushed her head down onto my dick. Before this NO ONE has ever made me cum by giving me a blowjob. But she went to town on my dick. Sucking and slurping and deepthroating and then the next thing i knew, I was squirting all inside of her mouth. She let me finish cumming then just swallowed it and went inside. About two days later she called me back and sucked my dick again. Just this time I got on top of her in my back seat and titty fucked her then cummed on her face. We had a couple of more hook ups after that but then she finally realized that i was just using her for a booty call.

Breasts Obsession

Here is another 100% true story coming from me. Hope my stories is keeping someone entertained. Here is goes....
I had just graduated from high school and just got out of a relationship and was looking for a girl. This one girl out of the blue contacted me on the internet. From what her picture looked like, she looked like a sexy brunette. Well we ended up setting up a movie date. She came to pick me up the day of our date and i noticed she looked nothing like the pics i saw of her. she was a pretty big/thick girl but she made herself look good. Manicured nails and peticured feet, hair done, and a whole lot of cleavage. We got to the movies and within like 5 mins of the movie we started making out. I slid my hand down the top of her shirt and felt her giant boobs. We decided to stop because people were around but as soon as we got out the movies we pulled over in a empty parking lot. She pulled my dick out and started to jack me off. She did it for a while but then said her arm was getting tired. I asked her what her bra size was and she said 32DDD. i dont know why but i have a big titty obsession. I pulled those jugs out and put my dick right between them. I titty fucked them long and hard then sprayed my cum all over her tits. After that we hooked up and dated for 3 months but in that 3 month period we had sex like 35 times. I fell in love with those giant tits but then she started to try and get pregnant on purpose so i had to let her go.

a day in the woodshed -hope you enjoy

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................
It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and desires-would you be wearing that black negligee or those amazing stocking and suspendors I wondered and hoped.And how long before we got into bed from the moment you arrived-I was alreadt horny and had been all day but resisted the urge to stroke my cock-I wanted you to do that.

Neighbour sunbathing

This is a true story from when I was 16, We had a married couple in their 30's that lived next door. I had always thought that the woman was quite nice but I did'nt know how nice until one hot summer day. I was in the garden and it was really hot, in our garden we had waneylap fencing, so it had holes and gaps here and there.
Anyway I caught a glimpse through the fence and saw her sunbathing in a black and white spotted bikini. I could see her breasts nearly popping out of it and could'nt believe how big they looked. Then I could'nt believe my luck when she sat up and undid her bikini top. As she took it off they just flopped down showing her large nipples. They were bigger than I could ever have imagined, she had an amazing body.

changing room voyeur experience

This is a true story.
This happened when I was 15 years old, I was shopping with my parents and with my cousin. We were so bored and we were in a department store. We had to wait for our parents who were looking around the clothes section.

Training Cathy

It was about two years ago that he finally built up the nerve to tell his beautiful wife of thirteen years about his secret fantasy. As they made love one night he was thinking those same erotic thoughts that he always did when they had sex. He was visualizing her as she became the nasty girl of his dreams.
He was getting so fucking hot just thinking about really telling her, that he almost came inside of her sweet strawberry blond pussy. He slowed his pace and tried to think about something else, but he couldn't. He was so consumed by this desire, he knew he had to tell her.

Frothy Orgasms

The young blonde wife stood in front of her dressing mirror contemplating
her marriage. Her husband had always been loving during their two years

Beautiful Pretty Boys

One of my earliest sexual memories is having a bath with my mother when
I was about xxxx. We lived in a large, older two-story house in a quiet